BA, Iberia Yet Again Raise GDS Surcharge

International Airlines Group carriers British Airways and Iberia this month will yet again raise their surcharge on global distribution system bookings, the airlines alerted agencies.

Effective for transactions ticketed on or after May 31, BA and Iberia will boost their fee to 12.50 British pounds, 10.50 euros and $14, depending on the market's local currency. The airlines apply this fee for each "fare component," generally defined as each one-way or half a round-trip.

It is the second time the airlines have raised their distribution surcharge since it took effect in November 2017.

At launch, BA and Iberia imposed a fee of 8 British pounds per fare component. In other currencies, that equated to 9.50 euros and $10.

In September 2018, BA and Iberia increased their per-component GDS surcharge to 9 British pounds, 10.50 euros and $12.

BA and Iberia continue to waive its fee for "low-cost channels," including bookings on its own websites and those processed through channels that tap into their application programming interfaces that conform to the New Distribution Capability standard.