Christopherson Builds App For Travel Managers

Christopherson Business Travel has developed a mobile app designed for use by travel managers, department heads and team leaders at its client companies. Available now for iOS platforms, an Android version also is forthcoming, probably in September.

Essentially a native app version of Christopherson's AirPortal 360 portal, the new software is "the first comprehensive mobile app that provides corporate travel managers the ability to manage their company's travel program from the palm of their hand__wherever, whenever," the TMC claimed.

Christopherson and its clients provide travelers with apps from TripIt and the TMC's online booking tool partners__which are Concur, Deem and nuTravel__but as CEO Mike Cameron observed, "There has not been much innovation when it comes to mobile technology for travel managers."

The app allows program managers to pull up traveler profiles and deactivate users; reset passwords or enroll new employees and issue welcome emails; view and search within current itineraries; access travel policies and preferred vendor contracts; and display travelers on a map with access to "global security, weather or disaster notifications"__and then to control alerts to travelers.

The app also lists the manager's key contacts at the TMC.