Delta Offers 'Beyond The Fare' Reporting

Delta Air Lines this summer began reporting to corporate clients details on their travelers' checked bags, including the percentage transported with and without fees, and such other information as the frequency and value of frequent flyer upgrades, waived bag fees for frequent flyers and elite status designations.

Delta's Sky Partner Review reports also list figures related to the passenger experience, including the percentage of a company's trips without baggage-handling complaints and the rate of travel disruptions--including delays and cancellations--that have impacted the organization's travelers.

Delta vice president of global sales Steve Sear said the reports would be refined based on client feedback.

"The reporting that we got back from Delta last quarter was very enlightening," said Westinghouse Electric Company global travel manager Dan Cooper. "It was a lot of information in a great format, and they provided a lot of detail on savings and additional services. Of course, all the carriers will tell you what you get from your discount, but these are the beyond-discount savings. I haven't really seen that from other preferred carriers."

The Advisory Board Company managing director of information systems and travel buyer Steven Mandelbaum also praised Delta for providing detailed information. "If the airlines really believe product is going to differentiate them, and they're going to provide value beyond just filling the seat, then show me the value of that partnership," he said, adding that Delta's new reporting "proves that it's not impossible, which carriers have told us for a long time. Not only is it possible, but it's actually being done."

Details on baggage expenses also have been part of regular Continental Airlines corporate client reports, which also include on-time performance and upgrade counts. Those are being expanded to United Airlines, officials said.