Farelogix To Host Buyer Forum

Farelogix is inviting 15 to 20 corporate travel buyers "who are proven industry thought leaders" to a new forum in January to address what they "need to do [their] job more effectively as relates to the changing face of airline products, technologies, travelers, and managed travel programs." At least one invited buyer is not sure of whether to attend for fear of legitimizing the effort. [more]

"Do we want Farelogix to be the 'spokesperson' for corporate travel professionals?" asked the skeptical travel manager, who declined to be identified. "How are they funded and where do their interests lie? Would we prefer to manage our message through a different platform?"

According to Farelogix CEO Jim Davidson, "Seemingly like a number of corporate travel managers, we are frustrated that little seems to be happening to provide a voice for the corporate travel managers and buyers in terms of real specifics on what they need in travel management. Historically it seems that the available technology is driving what they (corporations) can get versus a real in-depth understanding of need/desire. We want to support their position that innovation and answers are a 'must-have,' not a 'would-be-nice.'

"So we decided to host a corporate travel manager-only forum and listen and document," he continued. "We will see where it goes."

According to the Farelogix invite, "this event is not about best-in-class vendors, specific technology solutions or brands, or 'taking sides.' The objective is simple: collect input from corporate travel's top leaders about what changes are needed in the current distribution process and deliver tangible output in the form of high level industry requirements and action items."

No suppliers, distributors or media personnel will be invited.