Hawaiian Airlines' GDS Content Adjustments Pose 'Technical Difficulties' In Amadeus

Hawaiian Airlines this week in a memo to agencies noted that "technical difficulties" have affected its ability to sell itineraries that include intra-Hawaiian flight segments in the Amadeus global distribution system.

"This technical difficulty may impact circle trips and stopover itineraries; however, it does not impact the salability of through fares," according to Hawaiian's June 6 memo. "Hawaiian Airlines continues to work with Amadeus, but we do not currently have a timeline for the resolution."

A similar issue with Travelport had been resolved, according to Hawaiian, which flagged no such issues with Sabre.

As part of a new distribution strategy, Hawaiian on May 31 began levying a $7 per-ticketed segment surcharge through GDSs on U.S. point-of-sale tickets and also withdrew content from those "legacy channels" for island-to-island flights "wholly" within Hawaii.

Yet, Hawaiian intended to allow the sale of island-to-island segments "when in combination with a North America or international transpacific fare," including stopovers and circle trips, Hawaiian noted last month in an information pack on its distribution changes. "However, this is subject to the legacy channels successfully implementing itinerary restrictions on Neighbor Island fares and failure to do so could result in combination fares, including stopovers and circle trips, being unavailable in the legacy channels."

For all GDSs, meanwhile, Hawaiian noted that its surcharge would not extend to military or government fares.