Russian OTA Buys Hotel Search Firm DealAngel

Russian online travel agency OneTwoTrip, which to this point has focused on air bookings, is moving into the hotel arena with the acquisition this month of hotel search tool DealAngel.

Both parties are relatively new entrants in the travel technology realm. Launched in September 2011, OneTwoTrip's angle is to use airline analysis reports, research and air traffic control data to rate airlines and specific flights so that travelers can search for the "fastest," "most reliable" and "cheapest" options, according to the company. Last year it opened franchises in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Ukraine.

DealAngel launched last year. It ranks hotel properties based on those providing the best deals__not necessarily the lowest prices. The firm aggregates rates from numerous sources to compare offered rates versus a "fair market price" for a particular hotel room.

OneTwoTrip will maintain DealAngel as its own site and brand, according to the company, and indicated that all three DealAngel cofounders__Roman Peskin, Bob Rogers and Oleg Zaidiner__will join the Russian OTA.

OneTwoTrip does not currently provide services for managed corporate travel, but "there might be some development in this direction in the future," according to a company statement provided to The Beat.