TripIt Updates Itinerary Page After User Revolt

It's rare to see a product get as thoroughly hammered as TripIt did when its new itinerary page design, unveiled Oct. 11, suffered through weeks of pretty nasty hits from users who, on the company's own blog, summed up the redesign as a step backward. FlyerTalk members slammed it too. TripIt this week made updates, claiming it addressed "most" comments and requests after the initial redesign.

"The following items have more prominent placement: flight terminal and gate information; flight operating carriers; connecting flights and layover time," according to the Concur-owned company. "We've made readability improvements: The itinerary header displays full trip titles; font sizes have been increased for improved readability; all activities are now separated, making it easier to quickly scan your itinerary. And we made printing require less paper: Maps and directions can once again be removed from printed itineraries; printed itineraries are now more concise, requiring less pages."

A TripIt spokeswoman on Oct. 23 indicated the company was taking the feedback "very seriously" and would evolve the itinerary page "based on the input we receive." The original new look also was based on user feedback, according to TripIt.

"On a positive note," wrote one user after the initial redesign, "thank you for making the switch to HTTPS," a more secure communications protocol.