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Jim Davidson

INTERVIEW: Farelogix CEO Jim Davidson

Sabre's $360 million acquisition of Farelogix, announced in November, is expected to close midyear. That is later than excepted, as the U.S. Department of Justice is taking a deeper look at the proposed transaction, Sabre CEO Sean Menke confirmed last month. It's not the first time DOJ sniffed around matters related to Sabre and Farelogix, but the circumstances couldn't differ more. A reported DOJ probe 10 years ago explored whether Sabre abused market power by axing a developer agreement with Farelogix in an alleged attempt to bury the technology. Now, DOJ is reviewing the merger of the former adversaries. Farelogix CEO Jim Davidson has stressed that Farelogix is different now, and so is Sabre. When Davidson was a global distribution system provocateur advancing "direct connect," he posted a series of online videos in which a Davidson bobblehead avatar chastised GDS technology and commercial models. He wrote many blog posts in the same vein. "The bobblehead is now fully retired and living in Greece somewhere," Davidson said last week. Yet, he himself is not retiring. He plans to stick around in his role when Farelogix becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Sabre. Davidson sat down with The Beat editor-in-chief Jay Boehmer at the UATP Airline Distribution 2019 conference in Miami last week. An edited transcript, which includes some questions submitted via text from the audience, follows.

Travelport Fortifies Position In Japan With Expanded JAL Partnership

Travelport and Japan Airlines on June 1 plan to launch a joint venture that will bring Axess—the JAL-owned local market distribution system—and the Travelport Japan K.K. GDS business under one roof.

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FCM Parent Shells Out A Few Million To Own Mobile Destiny

If it wasn't already clear that Sam was a fundamental piece of Flight Centre's corporate traveler-facing technology offering, take note that the Australian travel agency conglomerate last month paid 4.2 million Australian dollars ($3 million U.S.) to take full ownership of the developer behind Sam, its mobile in-trip management system.

U.S. And Canadian Airlines' Percentage Of Available Seat Miles On Boeing 737 Max Planes

U.S. And Canadian Airlines' Percentage Of Available Seat Miles On Boeing 737 Max Planes

Travelport Shareholders OK Take-Private Deal

A majority of Travelport shareholders Friday gave the requisite go-ahead to the publicly traded company's proposed acquisition by a private equity partnership.

Lufthansa Group's Direct Booking Share Surpasses 50 Percent

As it approaches the fourth anniversary of its leading role among European airlines in surcharging global distribution system bookings, Lufthansa Group Thursday reported that direct-booking share, for the first time in the group's history, passed the 50 percent mark.

Corporate Travel Management In Talks To Buy U.K.’s Capita Travel

U.K.-based outsourced services company Capita revealed yesterday that it had "received an unsolicited offer for its travel businesses from Corporate Travel Management Limited."

YOY Change In Average Daily Rate By World Region

YOY Change In Average Daily Rate By World Region

Travelport Headcount Fell Nearly 8 Percent In 2018

The number of full-time employees at global distribution system operator Travelport fell nearly 8 percent to 3,700 at year-end 2018 from 4,000 at the end of 2017, according to disclosures in the company's two most recent annual reports.