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U.K. TMC Click Travel Has A Go At Annual Subscription Pricing For SMEs

U.K.-based travel management company Click Travel this month launched an annual subscription pricing plan designed for small and midsize businesses breaking into managed travel.

IATA Forecasts Profitable 2020 For Airlines, Led By North America

IATA Forecasts Profitable 2020 For Airlines, Led By North America

GUEST: Fox Travel CIO Offers An NDC Perspective, Without All The Baggage

A relative newcomer to the corporate travel industry, Fox World Travel CIO Sam Hilgendorf submitted this column on the New Distribution Capability initiative and its implications for airline distribution, the travel supply chain and corporate travel.

IATA's NDC Leaderboard Deadline Is A Year Away. Will Airlines Meet It?

More than 20 carriers have committed to process by the end of 2020 at least 20 percent of indirect sales through application programming interfaces that align with the New Distribution Capability standard. Whether they all meet that deadline is debatable.

Sabre, DOJ Call Farelogix Settlement 'Very Unlikely' As Trial Looms

The U.S. Justice Department and Sabre don't agree on much in the former's lawsuit to block the latter's acquisition of Farelogix, but the two are in accord on one thing: settling their dispute out of court is "very unlikely."

Delta Formalizes Third-Party Display Standards, Reviews

For years, Delta Air Lines has been selective about which third parties it allows to sell its content. More recently, it's grown particular about how these entities present the carrier's products in shopping displays. To this end, Delta and joint venture partner Virgin Atlantic have codified display standards, which will be distributed to third-party sellers and whose adherence will be reviewed.

GUEST: To Inhibit Or Enable Travelers? That Is The Question, Writes AmTrav's Fichtelberg

Everyone loves options. But over the past decade buyers have had very little variety in choosing a travel management company. The traditional TMC for decades has been offering the same online booking tool integrations, the same transaction fee pricing and the same savings-oriented analytics. The traveler is the last consideration in this model. But change is finally in the air, writes AmTrav president Craig Fichtelberg.

Travel Managers See Growing Travel Risk

Travel Managers See Growing Travel Risk

Amadeus 'Democratizing AI' For Travel Startups With Open APIs

Amadeus in November expanded its catalog of application programming interfaces open for outside developers to build and test new travel technologies and applications. Most notably, Amadeus opened five new machine-learning APIs, marking "the first time in the travel industry that AI capabilities are made available to startups and independent developers via open APIs," the company claimed.

Most Travelers Want Better Travel Tech From Employers

Most Travelers Want Better Travel Tech From Employers