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ATC Travel Management Sees 'Better Partner' In Switch To Travelport From Sabre

ATC Travel Management of Wisconsin plans by April to convert to Travelport's Apollo from Sabre. COO Jim Burkee said the decision says "nothing about Sabre—just that Travelport seemed to be better aligned with our future growth plans."
2009 FAA Bill - NextGen

2009 FAA Bill - NextGen

Yesterday this bill moved up the proposed date for NextGen being fully implemented from 2025 to 2018 at an estimated cost of $40,500,000,000 (it looks bigger if you show it in purely numbers) or about $133 per every single person in the US. This is just for funding in 2010 and 2011. That is about 12 times Garmin's annual revenues (I'm not advocating a BUY here... just having fun with the numbers, but I got in at $23.65) ...
INTERVIEW: Travelport's Gordon Wilson, Part 2

INTERVIEW: Travelport's Gordon Wilson, Part 2

New Orleans - In the second installment of his interview with contributing editor Amon Cohen at The Beat Live here this month, Travelport president and CEO Gordon Wilson enthuses about corporate booking tools, virtual payments and hotel booking technology.

AA: It'll Take Longer To Get There But At Least You Might Not Be Late

American Airlines CEO Gerard Arpey today told shareholders that the carrier has increased flight "block times" to improve customer service and become more dependable. Made quietly for years by certain carriers, such moves can generate better on-time performance rates and give the impression of speedier flights without any actual decrease in elapsed time. At least, they provide more realistic published schedules that have a better chance of being realized.

FAA Out Of GAO's Doghouse, DHS And DOD Still In

The Federal Aviation Administration's efforts toward air traffic control modernization finally are on the right track, at least according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office. But the U.S. departments of Homeland Security and Defense still have much work to do.

Unbundled In Congress, Part Two

Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza served as the industry punching bag--sparring with members of Congress, some of whom seemed more interested in putting on a show than truly understanding the issues.
INTERVIEW: Sabre Chairman and CEO Sam Gilliland

INTERVIEW: Sabre Chairman and CEO Sam Gilliland

With his May appointment to the United States Secretary of Commerce's Travel and Tourism Advisory Board, Sabre Holdings chairman and CEO Sam Gilliland now is thinking a lot more than before about the intersection of government and industry. Normally a "strong believer that government shouldn't get much done," Gilliland has tweaked that approach this year in light of economic trends facing the travel industry. Speaking to a National Business Travel Association convention general session last week