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AdTrav: Former TMC Partner Isn't Bankrupt, They Just Don’t Want To Pay

AdTrav this month filed a motion with a U.S. bankruptcy court to dismiss Duluth Travel's Chapter 11 case, alleging Duluth filed only to avoid paying AdTrav a court-ordered sum of nearly $900,000.

Government Travel Providers Feel The Shutdown's Pinch

In total, the U.S. federal government is the largest buyer of travel in the world. And so, when a portion of the government goes unfunded and hundreds of thousands of civilian employees are furloughed or working without pay, a negative impact on suppliers and intermediaries that serve federal travel programs is expected.

AdTrav CEO Hale Impressed With ETS2 Process, Principles

The U.S. General Services Administration aims this summer to be the first federal agency to deploy the ETS2 end-to-end system for which it selected Concur as primary contractor, according to AdTrav president and CEO Roger Hale.

T&T Picks Radius After Adopting GlobalStar-Like Approach To Sales

Travel and Transport's equity position in Radius might have been enough to favor the network over rival GlobalStar in T&T's review after last year's acquisition of Ultramar Travel Management. But a T&T-led change in which U.S. members as of January took more control over sales and account management for business networked through Radius also sweetened the pot.

Reversing Approach, Delta Plans To Sell Premium Economy In GDS

Delta Air Lines is reversing course with new plans to bring its Economy Comfort product into the GDS channel, at least via Travelport. Launched last year, the product never has been available in indirect channels and airline officials initially said they did not expect it to be.

UPDATED: Churning Chat And An Offer To Pay

UPDATE: Delta drops $50 per passenger per segment fee to align with Northwest policy.

Delta Field Sales Cuts Disturb Some TMCs

A Delta spokesperson declined to offer details, other than to say, 'We have done an overall reorganization of sales and distribution, with consolidation of a lot of positions and roles.' The cutbacks are part of Delta's transformation plan, announced September 8, involving as many as 7,000 job reductions and a 15 percent cut in management overhead.

ANALYSIS: So Much For 'Coopetition'

In light of Sabre's decision to have its Travelocity Business salespeople lay off American Express accounts, travel management companies are questioning the notion of 'coopetition' that former Sabre chairman Bill Hannigan said was commonplace in other industries. At the same time, Worldspan's policy of not providing travel management services to corporate clients may be catching on.