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IATA Airlines Will Vote On Lifting Ban On Agency Card Payments

Travel agents accredited by the International Air Transport Association could be allowed to pay airlines using their own cards for the first time if carriers approve a significant change to the association's contentious Resolution 890.

Ron DiLeo, AirPlus International

Big Data. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. More data is created every year than in all of history before it. Ninety percent of the world's data has been created in the last two years. Most of it is unstructured and unmanaged. All industries will have to address the big data challenge: what do you do with it all? And, travel is one of the leading industries utilizing it.
INTERVIEW: AirPlus International CEO Ron DiLeo

INTERVIEW: AirPlus International CEO Ron DiLeo

AirPlus International president and CEO Ron DiLeo talks about company projects, mobile strategy, big data and how lodge cards will "make chip-and-PIN yesterday's news."

European Air Payment Is In Flux On Multiple Fronts

The Beat reported this month that airline members of the International Air Transport Association will vote in November on whether to accept travel agencies' own payment cards for tickets. It's one of several major issues transforming how travel management companies handle air payments, especially in Europe.

VDR Petitions German Cartel Office To Review Prism And IATA Data Disclosures

German travel manager's association VDR submitted a formal petition to the country's federal cartel office alleging that data consolidators Prism and the International Air Transport Association "violate data protection and competition regulations in disclosing corporate data when booking flights," according to a VDR statement.

AirPlus Addresses Ancillary Fees With 'Assumption Engine'

AirPlus International made available to all U.S. corporate card accounts a new set of reports on ancillary airline fees. Company executives conveyed during a Tuesday briefing that while these new reports are not perfect, for now they're about as good

After One Year, DiLeo Leaves Altour, But Growth Strategy Intact

Ron DiLeo departed New York City-based travel agency Altour a year after he took on the role of executive vice president and chief commercial officer. He has shifted his attention to a medical application start-up he cofounded, Twin Bridge Technologies, and is reviving his consulting business, In the Black.

Review: AirPlus Data Reporting Tool

Credit card data is not the best source for airline sourcing projects. I’ve said this for a long time, but was recently challenged (nicely) by Jacques Lionnet at AirPlus to take a fresh look at AIM, the AirPlus Information Manager (AIM) tool.

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