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Sabre Shelves Prism's Avion Airline Contracting Tool For Buyers

Sabre will sunset Prism Group's Avion travel management software product at the end of the year.
INTERVIEW: Prism Founder Michael Whitesage

INTERVIEW: Prism Founder Michael Whitesage

Two years after selling his firm to Sabre, Prism Group founder Michael Whitesage this month departed the company. Just don't call it a retirement. He recently caught up with The Beat's Jay Boehmer to talk about his latest pursuits and the company he's leaving behind.
INTERVIEW: Sabre's Greg Webb And Yannis Karmis

INTERVIEW: Sabre's Greg Webb And Yannis Karmis

Los Angeles - The Beat's David Jonas recently caught up here with Sabre Travel Network president Greg Webb and Yannis Karmis, vice president for STN's Global Corporate Solutions group, established in February.

OpenSkies: Third-Party Distribution Made Us A 'Cube In A Triangular Hole'

Airlines often bemoan that third-party distributors aren't equipped to fully showcase their products. For British Airways subsidiary OpenSkies, that challenge factored into its decision last year to change its all-business-class configuration and underlying business model.

Sabre, Prism Reiterate Data Privacy Commitments

Sabre's acquisition of Prism should concern travel buyers in terms of data privacy and airlines in that it makes Sabre stronger, according to some observers. But the principals said Prism would operate essentially as it has, remaining independent from other Sabre areas in which airline relationships have been confrontational.