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Heeding Trump's Drive To Deregulate, DOT Asks Public Which Regulations To Axe

The U.S. Department of Transportation is taking public comments "on existing rules and other agency actions that are good candidates for repeal, replacement, suspension or modification," according to a notice in the Federal Register last month.

Responding To Obama, Travel Leaders Makes A Good Point

I gotta agree with Travel Leaders' take on a recent statement by President Barack Obama. The remark that drew the company's attention, spoken during a town hall meeting last week in Atkinson, Ill., was this: "When was the last time somebody went to a bank teller instead of using an ATM? Or used a travel agent instead of going online? A lot of jobs that used to require people now have become automated."

The Beat Readers Favor Obama

The Beat today released results of an exclusive Election '08 poll of that found more support for Barack Obama than John McCain.

Observers Fear Post-Election Fate Of DOT Ancillary Fee Proposal

A U.S. Department of Transportation spokesman this week indicated by email that "August is still our target" for the oft-delayed proposed rulemaking that could require airlines to list ancillary products and fees in all channels, including the global distribution systems.

Financial Markets React To Historic Election Of Obama

With the economy as a clear priority of the new administration, the world markets reacted to the election of Barack Obama, with investors voting with their wallets.

FEATURE: McCain, Obama And The Issues, Part 1

With Election Day just about six weeks from now, we are exploring how presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama view issues directly and indirectly related to the travel industry.

FEATURE: McCain, Obama And The Issues, Part 3

The first two installments of this series on the presidential election explored issues directly related to the travel industry. But John McCain, Barack Obama and most voters are focused on the larger issues of the floundering economy, overseas wars,

Senate Expected To Approve DOT Secretary-designate LaHood

Former Illinois congressman Ray LaHood, President Barack Obama's Department of Transportation Secretary-designate, yesterday faced the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation. Published reports suggested the nomination hearing was closer to a lovefest than a grilling. The New York Times wrote that LaHood "was effectively approved by acclamation." Click here to read a few of the prepared statements and watch a video of the committee hearing. The full Senate is expected to soon make

Straight Talk: The Employee Free Choice Act

In the final weeks before the presidential election, a not-so-new issue that could dramatically change unionization laws after January is emerging. The Employee Free Choice Act has been in the background, but on the minds of some in those in the travel industry, as representing one of Barack Obama's and John McCain's major differences.

THE BEAT SHEET: Airline-GDS Terminations; Inflight Phone Calls; DOT Rulemaking Update

TMC Execs Debate Agencies' Evolving Role

A panel discussion on the changing role of travel management companies convened in Los Angeles last month during the Global Business Travel Association's annual convention.

THE BEAT SHEET: Debit Memos; Sabre Odds And Ends; TMCs' Big Boasts

NBTA Financial Forum Delivers the Doom and Gloom

The National Business Travel Association’s Financial Forum held on March 30 was a one-day event filled with some useful information, but perhaps the most interesting discussions were the Luncheon featuring Frederic Mishkin, Professor of Banking and Financial Institutions at the Graduate School of Business, Columbia University and the Hotel Forecast featuring Jan Freitag, vice president of Smith Travel Research and Adam Weissenberg, US Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure leader for Deloitte & Touche

COMMENT: Remote Conferencing Attack Widens Credibility, Reality Gaps

While the obviously supplier-driven American Hotel & Lodging Association enjoys support from the purportedly buyer-driven National Business Travel Association on some issues, the two groups' reactions to a recent presidential statement showed diverge