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Court Tosses Suit Between Hotel Commission Recovery Firms

A U.S. district court in New York dismissed all remaining claims this month in the dispute between hotel commission recovery specialists and one-time partners eCommission Solutions and CTS Systems.

Judge Tosses Six Of Eight Claims ECS Pursued Against CTS

A U.S. district court judge this week dismissed six of the eight claims eCommission Solutions pursued in a lawsuit against estranged hotel commission recovery partner CTS Systems. The judge also upheld a prior ruling denying CTS's request to bring in Dell Marketing as a defendant. CTS operated as a subcontractor for Dell and had tried to shift blame in court.

Onyx To Migrate ECommission Solutions Clients After Purchase

Onyx CenterSource in the coming months plans to migrate eCommission Solutions agency clients to its RecoverPro commission reconciliation and recovery system, following this month's acquisition of ECS. "Over time," Onyx will sunset the ECS reconciliation and commission recovery system, Onyx president and CEO Mark Dubrow said in an interview.

CTS Now Wants To Sue Partner Dell In Commission Recovery Ruckus

The past few months have brought several twists and turns to the ongoing legal dispute between estranged hotel commission recovery partners CTS Systems and eCommission Solutions. Among them: A federal court dismissed ECS's first amended complaint against CTS, prompting ECS to re-file claims; ECS settled a related Texas state lawsuit with Dell Marketing; and now, CTS plans to sue partner Dell, for which CTS was a subcontractor, to shift blame in the federal case.

Up In Smoke: eCommission Solutions, Estranged Partner Tangle In Court After Office Fire

A February 2014 fire that tore through an Alpharetta, Ga., office building not only destroyed the headquarters of hotel commission-collection technology provider CTS Systems but also helped torch its relationship with technology firm eCommission Solutions. Now, a U.S. district court is sifting through the embers.

Years Later, Two GAO Ancillary Fee Recommendations Go Unfulfilled

In 2010, the U.S. Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress, conducted a deep dive into ancillary airline fees and concluded "consumers could benefit from better information about airline-imposed fees."

Just How Big Is Concur Travel Anyway?

It was 10 years ago when Concur entered the corporate booking market with the acquisition of Outtask. Since then, it has established itself not only as the dominant expense system in the United States but also the most-used corporate booking tool by several measures.

NuTravel To Rebrand ResX

When nuTravel in November bought ResX from TRX for $3.5 million, the plan was to sunset the booking tool and move clients to nuTravel's CTS product. Then the customers had their say.

Meeting The Mets: MLB Organization Convinced Travel Leaders To Embrace NuTravel

Last summer, Travel Leaders Corporate made nuTravel's CTS its preferred online booking tool for small and medium-size clients. It did so after the New York Mets, a client of both, insisted the TMC begin offering the system.

NuTravel Building Out Platform As 'Central Point' For Tech Integration

NuTravel Technology Solutions hasn't been intentionally secretive about its new technology platform, but it hasn't been shouting from the rooftops either. That's because the company has spent the past 18 months working on that platform and wanted it operational before promoting it in the market, according to president and CEO Carmine Carpanzano.

NuTravel Powering New Air Canada Small-Business Portal

Air Canada in August 2011 soft-launched a new small-business program that uses technology from nuTravel, and the companies this week told The Beat that more than 1,000 corporations are using the service.

Hogg Adds Robustelli, Considers Other U.S. TMCs

British travel management company Hogg Robinson today said it has acquired Stamford, CT-based Robustelli World Travel in a deal that further develops Hogg’s U.S. presence. Officials said Robustelli would be integrated with Sea Gate Travel Group of New York City, which Hogg bought last year. Sea Gate CEO Dan Green suggested Robustelli would not be the last of Hogg Robinson’s American acquisitions.

NuTravel Chops Transaction Fee, Charges For Ticketed Not Booked

Five year-old corporate self-booking tool provider nuTravel has enacted a new pricing structure that its CEO and customers said represents a market low.


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