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TMC Hotel Reservations Are Among Those Compromised In Sabre Synxis Breach

Sabre has completed an investigation into the unauthorized access of its Synxis Central Reservations system, which is used by more than 36,000 hotel properties worldwide, according to a statement from the company this week.

Sabre Says Plaintiffs Don't Show Harm From Synxis Breach

Sabre this week filed a motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit stemming from the breach of its Synxis central reservations system, which is widely used by hotels to host reservation data, including payment information.

Court Sides With Sabre To Dismiss Class Action Claims On Synxis Breach

A U.S. District Court in California this week dismissed class-action claims against Sabre stemming from a months-long breach of its Synxis central reservations system, which is used by hotel operators.
INTERVIEW: Choice Hotels CEO Pat Pacious

INTERVIEW: Choice Hotels CEO Pat Pacious

Hotel central reservations systems, or global reservations systems, are having a moment. Major hotel companies are doing away with their legacy infrastructure and adopting cloud-based systems in order to improve capabilities around data, machine learning and distribution. But while the impending CRS launches are typically being developed by third parties, Choice Hotels has gone a different route and fully deployed its own system built in-house, ChoiceEdge. The Beat contributor Julie Sickel spoke this week with Choice president and CEO Pat Pacious.

United Tests Blockchain Settlement With ARC, Blockskye And A Large Client

United Airlines, airline settlement clearinghouse ARC, a large corporate client of United and travel blockchain entrant Blockskye have completed a proof of concept to examine reporting and settlement through a blockchain ledger for flights booked on the airline's website.

Sabre Faces Class Action Suit, More Hotels Disclose Synxis Breach Impact

A Los Angeles resident filed a lawsuit against Sabre that seeks nationwide class action status regarding the months-long data breach of the company's Synxis Central Reservations system, which is used by tens of thousands of hotel properties.

Rosewood Hotels Flags 'Security Issue At Sabre' In Newly Revealed Data Breach

Rosewood Hotel Group attributed a data breach that compromised guest reservations and payment data at 16 of its hotels to a "security issue at Sabre," according to a disclosure by the hotel group Monday.

European Contraction Dings Amadeus GDS Share In Q2, As NDC Work Advances

Airline bookings processed worldwide on the Amadeus global distribution system during the second quarter rose 3 percent year over year to 145 million. Airline bookings across all major GDSs rose nearly 5 percent, representing a rare year-over-year decline in market share for Amadeus.

Sabre To Retire Mainframes By Year-End 2023, Joining First-Mover Amadeus

Sabre by the end of 2023 will migrate all its systems off IBM's Transaction Processing Facility mainframe operating system and onto more modern, open, cloud-based systems, the company told investors this week. It will join Amadeus, which retired its last mainframe last year.

Pana, NexTravel Each Make A Play For Non-Employee Travel

Two business travel tech startups, Pana and NexTravel, have separately launched products targeting what each sees as an underserved niche in managed travel: non-employee travelers.