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INTERVIEW: Deem CEO John Rizzo

INTERVIEW: Deem CEO John Rizzo

Last week, Enterprise Holdings—parent of the Alamo, Enterprise and National rental car brands—completed the acquisition of corporate travel booking, ground transportation and expense reporting technology provider Deem. CEO John Rizzo spoke with The Beat editor-in-chief Jay Boehmer.

Salesforce-Based T&E Startup Aims To Crack ROI Of Travel

Corporate booking and travel management startups are ten a penny right now. But SalesTrip has a distinct point of differentiation. Launching in February 2019, the startup claims to be the first native booking and expense offering built within Salesforce, the huge customer relationship management platform with 150,000 customers of its own.

Corporate Travel App-Builder Roadmap Takes In Funding For Next Phase Of Growth

Since Roadmap launched three years ago, several large enterprise clients have commissioned the tech company to build bespoke, company-branded mobile apps for their corporate travelers. Founder-funded at launch, Roadmap last week announced its first round of external funding to drive its next 18-month chapter of growth.

Concur: Hipmunk Will Influence Our Enterprise User Experience

Concur's deal to acquire metasearch operator Hipmunk, announced Tuesday, won't have an immediate impact on the user experience or design of Concur's enterprise travel offerings. Yet, in the acquisition, Concur executive vice president of travel Tim MacDonald sees an innovator in travel search and user experience that, down the road at least, will influence the tools Concur provides to corporate users.

Report: Travelport Private Equity Acquisition Is Nigh

A consortium that includes Siris Capital Group and Elliott Management are in late-stage talks to acquire Travelport, Reuters reported Thursday, citing unnamed sources.

Upside Isn't For Managed Corporate Travel, Until It Is

Priceline founder Jay Walker's travel startup Upside serves the unmanaged travel segment. The company sells travel packages and positions a rewards scheme directly to end users. It is intended for neither the enterprise nor the managed travel segment—not yet.

Small & Midsize Enterprise Buyers & Managers Prefer Direct Negotiations

Small & Midsize Enterprise Buyers & Managers Prefer Direct Negotiations

Small & Midsize Enterprises Reimburse Rideshares But Not Roomshares

Small & Midsize Enterprises Reimburse Rideshares But Not Roomshares

TMC Partners Mostly Warm On Concur Hipmunk Small Business Plan

In a memo to Concur's preferred travel management company partners last week, EVP of supplier and TMC services Mike Koetting called small businesses the industry's "white whale." With its new Concur Hipmunk product for unmanaged travel, Concur has sharpened its harpoon and joined plenty of would-be Captain Ahabs.

Now Part Of DXC Technology, Shares Looks To Regain Airline PSS Relevance

In recent years, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services' airline passenger services system, Shares, has suffered significant client attrition. US Airways folded into merger partner American Airlines' Sabre-powered system, Virgin Atlantic transitioned to a PSS controlled by partner Delta Air Lines, and Copa Airlines has agreed to shift to Sabre, though implementation has been delayed.