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INTERVIEW: IATA's Eric Léopold On The Hot Seat

INTERVIEW: IATA's Eric Léopold On The Hot Seat

International Air Transport Association director of passenger services Eric Léopold takes a turn in The Hot Seat at The Beat Live, answering questions about the New Distribution Capability from The Beat's editors, readers and audience participants.

DOT Tentatively OKs IATA's New Distribution Capability

The U.S. Department of Transportation on Wednesday tentatively approved the International Air Transport Association's proposed New Distribution Capability data transmission standard, while adding what it called "several safeguards specifically designed to protect privacy, ensure competition and consumer choice."

Fanning Or Dousing The Flames? IATA's NDC On The Beat Live's Hot Seat

A technology standard? A back door to a new economic model? A means to more personalized selling? The end of airfare publishing as we know it? The International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability has been called all that and plenty more.

IATA Readies Distribution Standards

The International Air Transport Association plans to reveal this year industry standards and a new workflow for booking, shopping and distributing airline content through indirect channels.

Standards Bodies Offer IATA Support, Critiques

Distribution standards-making bodies OpenTravel Alliance and Open Axis Group confirmed they would support the International Air Transport Association's effort to set by year-end new standards for airline distribution. But officials with those organizations showed more than a shred of skepticism.