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DOT Grants ASTA, GBTA And Travel Tech More Time To Scrutinize IATA Resolutions

The U.S. Department of Transportation extended its review period for a batch of resolutions that the International Air Transport Association filed last month. The decision came at the urging of the American Society of Travel Advisors, the Global Business Travel Association and The Travel Technology Association, which asked for more time to review a few IATA-approved resolutions, including one related to the One Order standard.

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GBTA Foundation Study Shows Room For TMCs, Booking Tools To Improve

Travel managers "give fairly good marks" to travel management companies, but there is room for TMCs to improve their offerings, especially in data analysis, cost savings support and traveler experience, GBTA Foundation vice president of research Joseph Bates said today as he presented findings of a new study. Based in part on separate surveys of more than 300 U.S.-based business travelers and more than 200 U.S.-based travel managers, the GBTA Foundation study also shows business travelers are less satisfied with corporate booking tools than with other booking methods.

GBTA Gets Strict On Member Lufthansa Talk

The Global Business Travel Association on Thursday sent members guidelines on how to address the Lufthansa Group's planned GDS surcharge in association forums. Concerned about antitrust implications if members engage in a "collective response," the memo includes a list of "do's and don'ts" and even language to avoid.

GBTA Panel Shows Industry Far From Consensus On Open Booking

"What's taking so long?" Concur executive vice president Mike Koetting asked rhetorically during a Global Business Travel Association conference session in Orlando late last month. He was referring to the industry's embrace of open booking and, indirectly, to his company's own TripLink offering.

Ryanair's O'Leary, Emirates' Clark Predict Radical Distribution Disruption

Berlin - Interrogated here at last month's GBTA Europe conference by Global Business Travel Association senior vice president for global development Paul Tilstone, Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary and Emirates chief Sir Tim Clark displayed a strikingly similar radical vision.

GBTA Establishes 'Threshold' For Ongoing Dialogue On IATA NDC

The Global Business Travel Association on Friday stated its intention for "further dialogue" with the International Air Transport Association regarding IATA's Resolution 787 and the related New Distribution Capability initiative. Noting "potential significant financial and operational impacts" on the business travel community, GBTA set forth a list of "principles and parameters" meant to improve communication with IATA regarding implementation of Resolution 787.

Short's Travel Beefs Up FindIt System For Hotel Shopping

This week, Short's Travel Management went live with new features for searching and transacting hotels via its FindIt system.

GBTA's Problematic IP Policy

GBTA has implemented a strong—and fundamentally wrong—intellectual property (IP) policy. I'm raising the issue here to ask your help in getting GBTA back on track. I've run out of patience trying to do this on my own.

Rajeev Singh: Concur Not 'Looking For A Fight,' Expects To Join SAP On Path With 'Benefits For Both'

Berlin - Not everything about the forthcoming merger with SAP will be to Concur's liking, but the positives will far outweigh the negatives, the latter's president and COO Rajeev Singh said last week during a keynote presentation at GBTA Europe's annual conference here and in an earlier interview with The Beat.