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Hertz Leads U.S. On-Airport Market Share

Hertz Leads U.S. On-Airport Market Share

Several Hotels And Car Rental Firms Concur: Open Booking Is Coming

Concur last week announced that Avis, Best Western, Choice, Hertz, InterContinental, La Quinta, Marriott and Starwood would participate in its Open Booking initiative.

Times Schools On Dollar Thrifty Fight, Which Has 'A Long Way To Go'

Good stuff here on the Hertz-Aviz-Dollar saga.Source: The New York Times

COMMENT: What's With The Hating On The Car Rental Biz?

Ah, the tech world, where if it's not disruptive, it sucks. If it's an oligopoly, it's the root of all evil.

Buyers Urged To Join Mobile, Social Rush

Travel managers need to abandon some traditional concepts if they expect to keep up with travelers amid the mobile and social app revolution, advised BCD Travel director of emerging technologies Miriam Moscovici here at an Association of Corporate Travel Executives forum Monday.

Hertz Subtracts Res Fee

A Hertz Corporation official today said the company dropped plans revealed late last week to add a $2.50 per-reservation charge that would have been effective tomorrow. 'There were questions raised by our key accounts,' the spokesperson said. 'It's on indefinite hold.'

Hertz Adds Res Fee

The Hertz Corporation late last week informed customers about a new $2.50 reservation-processing fee that applies to all rentals booked domestically for use in all but a handful of states. While there are eight states where laws prohibit such a fee, California law permits it on corporate rentals only. The fee does not apply to walk-up rentals.

Re-Deemed: Patrick Grady's Commerce Platform Recapitalizes, Charts New Course

Deem, formerly known as Rearden Commerce, this week made a series of announcements that point to a reinvention.

JetBlue Working With NuTravel On New Small Business Portal

Seeing What Employees Say

Back in June I thought Glassdoor.com was "pretty cool, but not travel." However, the site has managed to build up a decent store of reviews by employees of their own companies--not to mention salary data. You can judge for yourself how valid you think the info is. Looking through the results is, at the very least, a fun ride. Here's what I found: