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Lufthansa Expects Corporate Direct Connections Early Next Year

Lufthansa German Airlines is connecting its Farelogix-powered direct connect with corporate clients and expects to announce a couple of implementations "at the beginning of 2016," chief commercial officer Jens Bischof said this week at The BTN Group's Business Travel Trends & Forecasts conference in New York.

HRG, A Few Corporate Clients Among Lufthansa Direct Connect Partners

Lufthansa Group and Hogg Robinson Group are working on a direct connection so the travel management company's clients can avoid the airline group's €16 fee on global distribution system bookings. The agreement extends to Hogg Robinson Group's travel and expense technology division, Fraedom, Lufthansa announced.

Lufthansa's New GDS Deals Cost It More But Give It 'Freedom'

Full content has become a fixture of contracts between major airlines and global distribution systems: In exchange for an airline's full range of fares, schedules and availability, GDSs provide discounted segment fees. On Tuesday, Lufthansa announced it has opted out of those established strictures, freeing it to boldly embark on a strategy to surcharge, vary content by channel, pursue alternative distribution methods and, in doing so, attract more direct bookings.

VDR Poll: 70 Percent Of German Buyers Could Book Away From Lufthansa

German travel managers’ association VDR has told Lufthansa Group 70 percent of its members could book away from the airline group if it introduces its controversial €16 surcharge in its proposed form and without an acceptable distribution alternative.

Lufthansa: DCC Has Neutral Financial Impact But 'Headwinds' In Some Markets

Lufthansa’s controversial new Distribution Cost Charge has not damaged business so far, according to executives during the company's third-quarter earnings call today.
Is Lufthansa Serious Or Just Negotiating? Why A Few Direct Connect Bookings Will Save Millions

Is Lufthansa Serious Or Just Negotiating? Why A Few Direct Connect Bookings Will Save Millions

Since Lufthansa won’t have a full content deal, their fares are more than likely going to differ between direct and indirect distribution channels. It might give the LHG more freedom, but will put travel agencies at a huge disadvantage.

While Lufthansa Downplays Booking Decline, Others See Notable Shift

Last week, Lufthansa Group chairman and CEO Carsten Spohr told investors that the Sept. 1 enactment of its global distribution system surcharge had been "neutral" on the company's bottom line for the third quarter but acknowledged "some headwinds" from non-home travel markets. He was the latest and highest ranking Lufthansa official to downplay the impact of its new distribution strategy.

COMMENT: Lufthansa Provides GDSs Opening To Upend Status Quo

Travel professionals might think June 2 was a bad day for the global distribution systems. When a distribution channel suddenly becomes €16 more expensive per booking for one of the world’s largest airline groups, the fear is the rest of the travel industry will look for ways to bypass that channel.

Lufthansa Adds GDS Fees, Builds Booking Portals In Distribution Shake-Up

Lufthansa Group announced a radical shake-up of its distribution strategy, including a €16 fee for all bookings accepted through global distribution systems beginning Sept. 1. However, corporate customers will be able to book negotiated fares via Lufthansa’s website without incurring the fee, while travel agents can avoid the fee if they book via the group’s online portal.

HRG's Brindle Talks Distribution's Evolution, Connecting With Lufthansa

With an acknowledgment that "distribution evolves," Hogg Robinson Group chief information officer Bill Brindle discussed how the TMC is treading slowly with accessing the Lufthansa Group's direct connect. This month, the airline company announced that the travel management company was among a few third-party sellers agreeing to do so.