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Government Travel Providers Feel The Shutdown's Pinch

In total, the U.S. federal government is the largest buyer of travel in the world. And so, when a portion of the government goes unfunded and hundreds of thousands of civilian employees are furloughed or working without pay, a negative impact on suppliers and intermediaries that serve federal travel programs is expected.

TMCs Play With Natural Language Interfaces For Data Reporting

Corporate clients regularly turn to their travel management companies for data reporting to better understand travel spending, policy compliance, supplier performance and other facets of program management. A few TMCs, including Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Omega World Travel and Travel Inc., are exploring new ways for clients to interrogate travel program data through natural language inputs, either typed in text or spoken by voice.

Multinational TMC Network GlobalStar Opts For Its Own Mobile App, Like Radius Before It

This month, GlobalStar Travel Management, which has a presence in 85 countries and such members as Omega World Travel in the U.S. and Capita in the U.K., announced the TripStar app for multinational clients. Network rival Radius launched its own mobile app after enlisting mTrip to build it more than a year ago.

Save The Date For The Beat Live 2018

Please mark your calendar to join over 125 of the most influential executives at The Beat Live, taking place Oct. 3-5 at the Omni Hotel at The Battery Atlanta.
INTERVIEW: Omega World Travel CEO Gloria Bohan

INTERVIEW: Omega World Travel CEO Gloria Bohan

Omega World Travel CEO Gloria Bohan discusses ETS2 progress, the open booking concept and travel technologies.

Upside Isn't For Managed Corporate Travel, Until It Is

Priceline founder Jay Walker's travel startup Upside serves the unmanaged travel segment. The company sells travel packages and positions a rewards scheme directly to end users. It is intended for neither the enterprise nor the managed travel segment—not yet.

Omega On Switch To GlobalStar From Radius: They're Different

Omega World Travel this month made good on plans to join the GlobalStar network and leave the Radius organization. Omega executive vice president Goran Gligorovic on Tuesday said that the reasons were multifold.

Omega Plans Amadeus One Implementation

Omega World Travel later this year will implement the Amadeus One desktop product, Amadeus announced.

ARC Data Show Uneven Corporate Trip Volumes In Q4

The number of trips processed by business travel agencies and settled through ARC during the fourth quarter fell 2.6 percent year over year. The quarter was jagged, with a year-over-year decline in trip volume in October, a year-over-year uptick in November and another fall in December. Despite unevenness in the ARC figures, major U.S. airlines said business travel demand strengthened after the U.S. presidential election and continued into 2017.

Omega World Travel Launching Sabre's TripCase Mobile App

Omega World Travel this week will become the first travel management company to deploy Sabre Travel Studios' TripCase mobile application, which is available on BlackBerry, iPhone/iTouch and Windows Mobile devices. Android connectivity is anticipated later this quarter.