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INTERVIEW: Corporate Buyer Philip Dunphy

INTERVIEW: Corporate Buyer Philip Dunphy

Corporate travel buyer Philip Dunphy by this May expects to leave his post as head of the corporate travel department at Pfizer Inc. after nearly 14 years. Dunphy met with The Beat's Jay Campbell today for a candid discussion about the nature and role of corporate travel management.

Pfizer Signs Rearden For Dining, Ground

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has chosen Rearden Commerce to help it automate and manage reservations and spending for ground transportation and dining. Pfizer joins GlaxoSmithKline and Whirlpool as large, early users of Rearden's self-described "online personal assistant," which also also offers such services as shipping, parking and remote conferencing.

Masters Consider 'Corporate' Social Networking

The corporate travel community is taking a closer look at social networking and beginning to ask tough questions about how to implement it and what doing so would mean for travel management programs, their managers, travelers and suppliers.

Industry Weighs Delta Cut Of 6,000 Discount Programs

A debate is underway on how the massive Delta Air Lines fare restructuring announced today--especially if matched by the other major carriers--will impact corporate travel management companies, corporate travel managers and some other intermediaries.

Rearden's Long Tale

Rearden Commerce's differentiating model of selling traditionally non-travel stuff through a mainly travel Web site is taking a long time to ramp up, but few sources who know the company are ready to describe its odds of success as long.