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INTERVIEW: World Travel Inc. Chief Innovation Officer Rock Blanco

INTERVIEW: World Travel Inc. Chief Innovation Officer Rock Blanco

Corporate travel industry vet Rock Blanco this month joined World Travel Inc. as chief innovation officer. He caught up to discuss his new role.

Rock Blanco Rejoins Cornerstone

Cornerstone Information Systems last month hired Rock Blanco as vice president for product innovation and marketing. He'll help the firm with current solutions as well as new versions of key products slated for release this summer.

Cornerstone Targets Direct Corporate Clients With New Business Intelligence Platform

Rock Blanco created the iBank data reporting tool and in 2000 sold it to Cornerstone Information Systems. Cornerstone this week unveiled one of his latest toys, an iBank business intelligence and scoring platform.

Prime Numbers Replacing Travel GPA, Exploring Tech For Contract Negotiations

Rock Blanco, Travel GPA

The following is a proposal to speak at The Beat Live. The Beat's readers will vote for their choice among five proposals, and the speaker with the most votes will deliver a keynote speech on Wednesday Sept. 23. The other candidates will join a Tuesday morning panel discussion, "The Views," in which they will offer a shortened version of their pitches. Click here for the conference agenda.

New Tool: Travel GPA Stats

We at The BTN Group are always on the lookout for interesting and solid data about travel distribution and corporate travel. We were pleased to provide new airline industry data from ARC in the Aug. 22 issue of Business Travel News. (Click here to see the digital edition. Look for the Metrics section on Page 8). I'd like to thank ARC again for their cooperation. Today, we're launching a new feature of this blog page in partnership with Travel GPA, using Rock Blanco's database of
INTERVIEW: Atlas Travel President And CEO Elaine Osgood

INTERVIEW: Atlas Travel President And CEO Elaine Osgood

Atlas Travel this week announced it had opened a new London office to better serve U.K. and European clients as well as travelers from U.S. clients. It's the first major international foray on its own for Atlas, a BCD Travel affiliate since 1998.

Blanco Introduces Next-Generation Travel Data System

Rock Blanco and his team at Prime Numbers Technology have unveiled the second generation of their Travel GPA data analytics tool.

Blanco Adds 92 TMC Users, Sets Price for Benchmarking

Industry tech maven Rock Blanco late last year launched a new firm as use of his Travel GPA benchmarking product began to ramp up. Blanco unveiled the system in July, and has set pricing at a competitive $500 setup fee and $2,500 annual license for unlimited data and report cards.

Atlas' Blanco to Run New Benchmarking Co.

The new Travel GPA benchmarking service that Atlas Travel announced this week will be marketed by a separate company led by Rock Blanco, currently Atlas chief technology officer.

The Beat Live 2009 Keynote Vote

Click the links below to see what each candidate in this year's Keynote Vote intends to discuss. All readers of The Beat should have received an emailed ballot via a Survey Monkey poll. If you did not, send your vote to Jay. Please do not vote for someone in your own company; you will be disqualified if you do. The highest vote-getter will deliver a keynote speech Sept. 23 at The Beat Live in Austin Texas. Runners up will participate in a panel discussion Sept. 22. Register here to attend. Our e

Sabre to 'Simplify' Developer Relationships

Sabre Travel Network is considering restricting the number of third parties authorized to develop technology that interacts with the global distribution system.

Lacking A Developer Framework, Travelport Universal API Welcomed

In the works for a few years as part of Travelport's Universal Desktop initiative, the company's Universal API has been tested for about a year by eight companies and now is available for commercial use in 13 countries, with a gradual global rollout to follow, officials said. Observers contacted this week suggested the Universal API is a "major" enhancement, although Travelport has more work to do on its developer relationships for programmers to take full advantage.

TECH: B2B Store Is New Territory For Sabre

Travel technology sources welcomed Sabre's Red desktop app store, which the company on Tuesday said would launch in October for developers and in November for the target travel agency user market. But they also expected challenges for the initiative in creating a sizable marketplace, noting a lack of connectivity with desktop and mobile platforms used by travelers. Key to the new store's success will be the terms that Sabre negotiates with developers, which Sabre has not disclosed due to the com