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The Beat Live Keynote Pitch: Ron DiLeo, Altour

Topic: Reinventing How We Purchase Travel In the mid-1990s, procurement principles began dominating the business travel industry, forcing open discussions around full transparency in the world of suppliers. This came on the heels of the airlines eliminating commissions, as everyone tried to figure out who paid whom and for what. For several years thereafter, buying strategies for TMCs, airlines, hotels, etc., were new and innovative. Sadly, those innovations have largely settled into an endless series of the same old RFPs and "sharpen your pencil" conversations that have come to yield very little, if anything, incrementally.

After One Year, DiLeo Leaves Altour, But Growth Strategy Intact

Ron DiLeo departed New York City-based travel agency Altour a year after he took on the role of executive vice president and chief commercial officer. He has shifted his attention to a medical application start-up he cofounded, Twin Bridge Technologies, and is reviving his consulting business, In the Black.

Ron DiLeo, AirPlus International

Big Data. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. More data is created every year than in all of history before it. Ninety percent of the world's data has been created in the last two years. Most of it is unstructured and unmanaged. All industries will have to address the big data challenge: what do you do with it all? And, travel is one of the leading industries utilizing it.
INTERVIEW: AirPlus International CEO Ron DiLeo

INTERVIEW: AirPlus International CEO Ron DiLeo

AirPlus International president and CEO Ron DiLeo talks about company projects, mobile strategy, big data and how lodge cards will "make chip-and-PIN yesterday's news."

The Beat Live Keynote Vote 2015

Each year, we ask readers to help us build The Beat Live conference. Your feedback will determine one of our keynote speakers, identify the recipients of our annual Readers' Choice awards and formulate questions for the industry influencers taking the stage in Arlington, Va., Sept. 29–Oct. 1.

Altour Looks For Growth Beyond High-Touch Niche

Reaching beyond its core entertainment and other high-touch market segments, Altour this year is testing its crossover appeal as a travel management generalist as it chases a broader client base and a goal to grow sales volume by $250 million.

Ron DiLeo, Association of Corporate Travel Executives

The following is Ron DiLeo's winning proposal to speak at The Beat Live on Sept. 22, as chosen in August by readers of The Beat. Register here for The Beat Live.

The Beat Live 2010 Keynote Vote

Congrats to Ron DiLeo of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives! Ron will deliver a keynote speech at 9 am Wednesday Sept. 22 at The Beat Live in Chicago.

The Beat Live Keynote Vote 2013

Ruesink Wins Keynote Vote

After one of the closest votes we've ever had, we have a winner. As chosen by readers of The Beat, Tom Ruesink will deliver the closing keynote presentation at The Beat Live on Oct. 2 in Miami.