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Business Travel Direct Becomes First Traxo Marketplace TMC, Still Committed To Concur

U.K.-based Business Travel Direct has become the first travel management company to participate in Traxo Marketplace, which integrates travel data aggregator Traxo with other service providers to manage off-channel bookings.

Concur: Hipmunk Will Influence Our Enterprise User Experience

Concur's deal to acquire metasearch operator Hipmunk, announced Tuesday, won't have an immediate impact on the user experience or design of Concur's enterprise travel offerings. Yet, in the acquisition, Concur executive vice president of travel Tim MacDonald sees an innovator in travel search and user experience that, down the road at least, will influence the tools Concur provides to corporate users.

Radius Enlists Leisure-Focused mTrip For Multinational App Development

Global travel management company network Radius Travel has signed a partnership with Montreal-based mobile services provider mTrip to build an app for multinational clients of Radius.

TripIt Updates Itinerary Page After User Revolt

TripIt To Introduce Hotel Suggestions, Bookings

TripIt plans on Wednesday to launch a feature that suggests hotels to travelers after they book their flights and enables them to book rooms.

Concur To Acquire TripIt

Concur last spring raised $250 million, partly for strategic acquisitions. Today, the company announced it was deploying some of that cash as part of an $82 million deal to acquire TripIt. With Concur stock and additional considerations that could increase its total monetary value to $120 million, the acquisition is expected to close by mid-February.

TMC Partners Mostly Warm On Concur Hipmunk Small Business Plan

In a memo to Concur's preferred travel management company partners last week, EVP of supplier and TMC services Mike Koetting called small businesses the industry's "white whale." With its new Concur Hipmunk product for unmanaged travel, Concur has sharpened its harpoon and joined plenty of would-be Captain Ahabs.

TripIt Exec: TripIt And Sabre Are Friends

TripIt has become a bit of an industry darling during a time characterized by frequent calls for innovation in corporate travel technology, but its small-company story is not without a big-company element.

Two More Startups Tackle Corporate Travel Spot Buying

Two New York startups separately are bringing to market next-gen travel management-lite systems geared toward smaller companies. Reminiscent of Concur's use of TripIt, both revolve around emailed itineraries from travelers booking wherever they like.

Rearden Execs Taunt TripIt

TripIt and its ilk are