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GUEST: Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics: Why U.K. Gender Pay Gap Reporting Is All Three

Festive Road managing partner Caroline Strachan submitted the following thoughts on gender pay reporting in the U.K. The Beat this month covered how several travel management companies, travel tech firms, airline operators and hoteliers performed on the U.K. government's measure.

How Travel Companies Perform On Gender Pay In The U.K.

Companies that have 250 or more employees based in the U.K. are required to disclose gender pay gap data. The Beat examined figures and additional disclosures from several airlines, hoteliers, travel management companies and technology companies.

IATA Reviews BSP Sales Cap After Agent Backlash

The International Air Transport Association is reviewing plans to cap sales for travel agents through its Billing and Settlement Plan after encountering strong opposition from various agency associations. The cap, known as Remittance Holding Capacity, was one pillar of a major BSP overhaul. While the cap is on hold, three other pillars of the overhaul were adopted at IATA’s Passenger Agency Conference in Singapore last month.

CTM Preps Homegrown Online Booking System For U.S. Market

The number of travel management companies with homegrown online booking tools in the United States is relatively small, but Australia-based Corporate Travel Management plans to join their ranks this year with the launch of its Lightning system.

NDC Gains Operational Steam With Buy-In From BA, Emirates And Others

After years of theorizing, arguing, piloting and "will-it-or-won’t-it-happen?" speculation, the International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability is gaining some ground as an operational reality. This month, IATA reported that 15 airlines have deployed at least part of the industry standard it published in September 2015. IATA also claimed that 20 of the world's top 25 airline groups have deployed or plan to deploy NDC. The progress prompted program director Yanik Hoyles to declare, "NDC is now mainstream."
INTERVIEW: BCD Group Founder John Fentener Van Vlissingen

INTERVIEW: BCD Group Founder John Fentener Van Vlissingen

BCD Group founder John Fentener van Vlissingen discussed his approach to acquisitions, his outlook for BCD Travel and agency consolidation during an on-stage interview at The Beat Live.
INTERVIEW: Magnuson Hotels CEO Tom Magnuson On The Global Hotel Exchange

INTERVIEW: Magnuson Hotels CEO Tom Magnuson On The Global Hotel Exchange

Magnuson Hotels cofounder and CEO Tom Magnuson is developing an online agency model in which hotels pay no commissions or distribution fees, and travelers instead pay a booking fee of a few dollars. Magnuson's Global Hotel Exchange is set to launch in the United States and the United Kingdom in January; he reports "thousands of hotels" included in the platform. The appeal to hotels is clear: Some hotels pay as much as 30 percent of their room revenue to online travel agencies, Magnuson said, and

Aggregator Travelfusion Eyes Growing Role Amid Distribution Evolution

If airline distribution is to mutate in the coming years, whether through the adoption of IATA's New Distribution Capability standards or global distribution system deterrents like Lufthansa Group’s booking fee, expect Travelfusion to play a supporting role.

A Travel Buyer Stands Out In The Crowd With Lufthansa DCC Support

Travel buyers have queued up to condemn, both individually and collectively, Lufthansa Group’s €16 Distribution Cost Charge on global distribution system bookings, introduced Sept. 1. But that doesn’t mean their opposition is unanimous. Camilla Lagesen, travel manager of Norway-based Kongsberg Group, took the contrarian view at The BTN Group’s Business Travel Trends & Forecasts conference in London this week, praising the airline group for taking radical action to shake up what she regards as chronic complacency among GDSs and travel management companies.

Travel Tech Group To Launch New Hotel ID System

United Kingdom-based Travel Technology Initiative on Oct. 4 formally will launch a database of unique identification numbers for 200,000 hotels worldwide, chairman Peter Dennis told The Beat.