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New Ovation Sales Program Courts VIPs Served By Other TMCs

Ovation Corporate Travel launched a new sales program and service offering to handle VIP travelers for accounts served by other travel management companies.

The Beat Research: Today's Corporate Travel Agent

The Beat published research this week to uncover the challenges they face, their daily demands, what motivates them, which technologies they use, how their performance is assessed and how they view their position in the market.

Lumo Sees TMC Interest, Use Cases For Flight-Disruption Predictions

With new funding, a few recent hires and a name change, Lumo, formerly Flightsayer, is drumming up interest among travel management companies for its data service that predicts flight delays before they occur.

Ovation Creates 'Uber' VIP Service

Ovation Travel Group now has about 100 travelers participating in what executive vice president Michael Steiner described as an "uber-VIP service" that essentially puts one of the company's top agents on call 24/7 for participating travelers.
INTERVIEW: FCM President For The Americas Billy McDonough

INTERVIEW: FCM President For The Americas Billy McDonough

The Beat caught up with FCM Travel Solutions president for the Americas Billy McDonough to discuss FCM's growth ambitions, acquisitions and technology. An edited transcript follows.

Why TMCs Need a Dramatically Different Sales Approach

Ever notice how travel management companies (TMCs) have a hard time selling their value? TMCs compete on the wrong metric, and they sell to the wrong people.

Flight Disruption Startup Freebird Brings In More TMC Partners

Mobile flight disruption and rebooking tech startup Freebird is bringing more travel management companies into the fold, announcing reseller deals with Altour, Options Travel, Safe Harbors Business Travel, Short’s Travel Management and Travel and Transport. They join early adopters Flight Centre Travel Group and Casto Travel.
INTERVIEW: Travel Leaders Corporate President Gabe Rizzi

INTERVIEW: Travel Leaders Corporate President Gabe Rizzi

Nearly two years ago, multibrand travel agency operator Travel Leaders Group appointed Gabe Rizzi to lead the Travel Leaders Corporate division. Since then, he has welcomed several acquisitions into the fold. He recently spoke with The Beat editor-in-chief Jay Boehmer about acquisitions, multinational positioning, mobile strategy and Travel Leaders Corporate's approach to client technology.

NBTA, I Mean GBTA, Adds Required Questions To Convention Registration

Registration opened this week for the Global Business Travel Association convention in August, and GBTA is requiring what appears to be more data than ever before from would-be attendees when they register. Here's a partial list of questions you'll be expected to answer if you plan to attend.

TECH: Cryptic Commands On A Tablet? No Kidding

It seemed hard to believe when Ovation Travel Group executive vice president Michael Steiner said the travel agents in the company's new VIP service use iPads to access the global distribution system. Cryptic commands using a touch screen? It's a bitch, but apparently it's easier than going back to the office to help a high-end traveler. And as it happens, all three major GDSs aim to optimize GDS access on tablets.