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Europe Opens Antitrust Probe Into Amadeus And Sabre, Eying Agreements With Airlines, Agencies

The European Commission on Friday announced it has opened an investigation into Amadeus and Sabre to explore whether the agreements each has with airlines and travel agencies "restrict competition in breach of E.U. antitrust rules."

Second Circuit To Hear Sabre, American Appeals On US Airways Suit Next Month

The U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals on Dec. 13 will hear arguments from Sabre and American Airlines on their respective appeals of various rulings and decisions in the antitrust case, initially filed by US Airways in 2011, that a jury decided two years ago, according to a scheduling notice this week.

Sabre: DOJ Review Delays Farelogix Deal Closing To Mid-Year

Sabre expects its $360 million acquisition of Farelogix to close in the "mid part of the year," later than expected, as the U.S. Department of Justice takes a deeper look at the proposed transaction, Sabre president and CEO Sean Menke said Tuesday during the company's fourth-quarter financial results call.

Consumer-Led GDS Lawsuit Fails To Secure Class Action Status, Sabre Holds Out On Settling

A consumer-led federal antitrust lawsuit filed in 2015 against the three major global distribution system operators has not achieved the class action status originally sought by plaintiffs, according to a court order this month.

Sabre: Supreme Court's Amex Decision 'Vindicates' Position In US Airways Case

Sabre welcomed Monday's U.S. Supreme Court decision on American Express' merchant provisions. The majority opinion "vindicates" Sabre in an antitrust contract claim it lost against US Airways and in its ongoing appeal, the global distribution system operator stated.

U.S. Supreme Court Sides With Amex In Anti-Steering Decision

The U.S. Supreme Court today decided that provisions in American Express' contracts that prevent its card-accepting merchants from steering consumers to cheaper forms of payment do not violate antitrust law.

Amadeus Reaches Settlement On GDS Class Action Suit

Amadeus has reached a settlement agreement with consumer plaintiffs in a federal antitrust lawsuit filed in 2015 against the three major global distribution system operators. If the court approves the settlement, as it did for fellow GDS operator Travelport, Sabre would be left as the lone GDS defendant in the case, which seeks class-action status.

Airlines Back States In Amex Supreme Court Review

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on Feb. 26 on a case involving anti-steering provisions American Express has included in contracts with merchants that accept its cards.

Supreme Court Justices Hear Amex Case, Airing Different Takes On 'Two-Sided' Competition

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Monday on whether provisions in American Express' contracts with merchants are anticompetitive. The liberal wing of the court posed questions and offered statements to suggest they are.

Travelport Settles GDS Consumer Lawsuit

Travelport has reached a settlement agreement in an antitrust lawsuit filed in 2015 against the three major global distribution system operators.