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LETTER: IATA Responds To Article On Agency Payments

The International Air Transport Association submitted a letter in response to an article last week on Resolution 890 and an upcoming airline member vote on whether to allow agents to pay using their own payment cards.

IATA Airlines Will Vote On Lifting Ban On Agency Card Payments

Travel agents accredited by the International Air Transport Association could be allowed to pay airlines using their own cards for the first time if carriers approve a significant change to the association's contentious Resolution 890.

IATA Reviews BSP Sales Cap After Agent Backlash

The International Air Transport Association is reviewing plans to cap sales for travel agents through its Billing and Settlement Plan after encountering strong opposition from various agency associations. The cap, known as Remittance Holding Capacity, was one pillar of a major BSP overhaul. While the cap is on hold, three other pillars of the overhaul were adopted at IATA’s Passenger Agency Conference in Singapore last month.