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United 'Intends To Walk Away From Expedia,' Blasts OTA's 'Meritless' Lawsuit

In response to a lawsuit Expedia filed this month, defendant United Airlines confirmed that its ticketing agreement with the online travel giant expires Sept. 30 and that the airline "intends to walk away from Expedia" at that time.

Sabre Seeks Settlements Directly With Plaintiffs To Resolve GDS Consumer Suit

As the only remaining defendant in a consumer-led lawsuit against the three major global distribution systems, Sabre has moved to settle out of court with each of the remaining plaintiffs.

Consumer-Led GDS Lawsuit Fails To Secure Class Action Status, Sabre Holds Out On Settling

A consumer-led federal antitrust lawsuit filed in 2015 against the three major global distribution system operators has not achieved the class action status originally sought by plaintiffs, according to a court order this month.

Travelport Settles GDS Consumer Lawsuit

Travelport has reached a settlement agreement in an antitrust lawsuit filed in 2015 against the three major global distribution system operators.

Amadeus Reaches Settlement On GDS Class Action Suit

Amadeus has reached a settlement agreement with consumer plaintiffs in a federal antitrust lawsuit filed in 2015 against the three major global distribution system operators. If the court approves the settlement, as it did for fellow GDS operator Travelport, Sabre would be left as the lone GDS defendant in the case, which seeks class-action status.

Airlines, ATPCO Prevail In Agent-Led Appeal Of 'Sum-Of-Sector' Suit

A three-judge panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit last week affirmed a lower court ruling that favored airlines in a travel agent-led lawsuit related to "sum of sector" fare rules. Filed in 2016, agent plaintiffs had alleged American, Delta and United, aided by ATPCO, conspired to change fare combinability rules that raised the cost of some multi-city tickets in 2016.

Europe Opens Antitrust Probe Into Amadeus And Sabre, Eying Agreements With Airlines, Agencies

The European Commission on Friday announced it has opened an investigation into Amadeus and Sabre to explore whether the agreements each has with airlines and travel agencies "restrict competition in breach of E.U. antitrust rules."

Expedia: United's Been Angling For Better Terms Since Its President Joined From AA

To Expedia, as stated in court documents this week, United's plan to pull content is a "gambit to force a negotiation of new economic terms by threatening Expedia’s rights." This gambit took shape after Scott Kirby in 2016 joined United as president from American Airlines.

In Settlement Deal, Travelport Agrees To 'Cooperation' In Case Against Rival GDSs

Through a settlement agreement, Travelport has agreed to cooperate with plaintiffs of a consumer antitrust lawsuit that seeks to show at trial how remaining defendants, Amadeus and Sabre, conspired to impose full content restrictions on U.S. airlines and thereby inflate the cost of air travel.

Sabre Faces Class Action Suit, More Hotels Disclose Synxis Breach Impact

A Los Angeles resident filed a lawsuit against Sabre that seeks nationwide class action status regarding the months-long data breach of the company's Synxis Central Reservations system, which is used by tens of thousands of hotel properties.