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Qantas Lines Up Travelport, CTM And Serko For NDC Connections

Qantas this week announced that a few partners have agreed to access content through its new Farelogix-powered application programming interface that is based on the International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability standard.

Finnair Next In On Amadeus-UNICEF Partnership

Finnair has launched a program on its website that enables customers to donate to United Nations children's organization UNICEF, Amadeus announced.
Interview: WestJet President And CEO Gregg Saretsky

Interview: WestJet President And CEO Gregg Saretsky

WestJet during the past few years has undergone a number of changes, including introducing its Encore regional service, becoming a UATP issuer and, most recently, adding a first-checked-bag fee for its lowest fares.

AA, JAL Seek Transpacific ATI

Following on the heels of Japan Airlines' decision to maintain its relationship with American Airlines and other oneworld allies rather than tying up with Delta and the SkyTeam alliance, AA and JAL on Feb. 12 applied to the U.S. Department of Transpo

DOT Dismisses Distribution Concerns In Final Oneworld Immunity Approval

American Airlines and British Airways finally secured regulatory approvals for an antitrust-immunized alliance, more than a dozen years after submitting their initial request. The U.S. Department of Transportation on Tuesday made final its approval, following a similar decision announced last week by the European Commission. Having agreed to surrender slots at London Heathrow to competitors interested in launching new transatlantic services, AA and BA will join Iberia in a joint venture, and the

DOT Extends Oneworld Comment Period After DOJ Filing

In examining a oneworld alliance antitrust immunity application highlighted by a proposed American Airlines/British Airways/Iberia joint venture, the U.S. Department of Transportation on Dec. 22 "established a supplemental comment period--through January 11" for interested parties "to respond to late-filed pleadings." One such late filing, submitted by the U.S. Department of Justice, argued that the proposed agreements "would result in competitive harm on certain transatlantic routes serving 2.5

ASTA, ITSA Restate Alliance Immunity Concerns

The American Society of Travel Agents and the Interactive Travel Services Association told the U.S. Department of Transportation that cooperation related to distributors should be excluded from any ATI granted to American Airlines, British Airways an

DOT Grants Tentative, Conditional Approval For AA/BA Immunity

After 18 months of deliberations, the U.S. Department of Transportation on Feb. 13 granted to American Airlines, British Airways and three other oneworld partners tentative approval to establish an antitrust-immunized alliance.

Oneworld Seeks To Remedy Corp. Sales Deficiencies

Led by American Airlines and British Airways, the oneworld alliance last week in its application for antitrust immunity told the U.S. Department of Transportation that its ability to establish joint corporate sales programs is severely limited.

Court Exhibits From Sabre Flesh Out Airline Conspiracy Claims

In 2013, Sabre filed heavily redacted counterclaims against US Airways alleging the airline colluded with competing carriers on dealings with global distribution systems. The claims never proceeded as part of their years-long antitrust lawsuit, which landed a verdict in the airline's favor last month.