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Lufthansa Group's Direct Booking Share Surpasses 50 Percent

As it approaches the fourth anniversary of its leading role among European airlines in surcharging global distribution system bookings, Lufthansa Group Thursday reported that direct-booking share, for the first time in the group's history, passed the 50 percent mark.

Executive Travel Tests TMC Model Based On No Fees, Data Transparency And Blockchain

Executive Travel CEO Steve Glenn has set his sights on "zero/zero," as in $0 in fees for online bookings and $0 for offline bookings. He thinks he's found the path, and it involves a financial model tied to client revenue performance, blockchain-based smart contracting and data access that gives transparency to each side.

United Tests Blockchain Settlement With ARC, Blockskye And A Large Client

United Airlines, airline settlement clearinghouse ARC, a large corporate client of United and travel blockchain entrant Blockskye have completed a proof of concept to examine reporting and settlement through a blockchain ledger for flights booked on the airline's website.

Airline Analyst Calls Agency Commission Growth 'Alarming'

United Airlines during its quarterly earnings call last week reported double-digit-percentage growth in corporate revenue on a year-over-year basis. With revenue come selling and distribution costs, and Wolfe Research analyst Hunter Keay seized on one of them: the "alarming" growth in commissions paid to travel management companies.

Delta Cuts Upfront Commissions For Some Preferred Agencies

Several agency sources said Delta this week cut front-end U.S. point-of-sale incentives on international tickets for multiple agencies.

Concur Seeks Transaction Fees But Says Overrides Not In Play For Airline TripLink Bookings

Concur is looking to get in on some corporate travel distribution revenue as it courts airlines to adopt its TripLink open-booking solution.

Frosch Pursues Lawsuit Against Tzell Over Travel Agency Deal

Frosch filed a motion this week to add Tzell Travel and its CEO, Barry Liben, as defendants in a lawsuit it filed earlier this year against a California-based travel agency. Frosch alleged that Travel Leaders-owned Tzell interfered with an agreement to partner with and eventually acquire Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Your Travel Center.

Concur Leans On Travelfusion For Airline NDC Connections

Concur has established its own direct connections to a few airlines so bookers can access content not readily available through global distribution systems. However, the SAP-owned T&E giant now is leaning on aggregator Travelfusion to hook up with carriers using the International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability standard, Concur SVP of supplier services Charlie Sultan said last week during a panel at an American Airlines NDC summit in Dallas.

American Airlines Outlines Plans To Move US Airways Reservations Out Of Shares

American Airlines will cushion the merger of US Airways flights into the Sabre reservations system with an approximately three-month transition period that will begin as early as July, according to a notification sent to corporate travel clients on Tuesday.

UAL Exec Comments on Agency Commission Reduction Plan

First reported by The Beat, United Airlines today publicly discussed plans to slash travel agency commissions, also known as overrides or incentives.