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In Memoriam: The Paper Airline Ticket (Yes, It's Finally Gone)

The paper airline ticket died last week after more than a decade-long battle with obsolescence and failing health. Nearly 100 years old by some accounts, the paper ticket is survived by the e-ticket.

IATA's Plan To Kill The PNR Will Take Time

The International Air Transport Association is taking slow but sure steps to kill the passenger name record, e-ticket and electronic miscellaneous document and reincarnate them into a single customer record.

Travel Industry Weighs Its Own GDPR-Compliant Code Of Conduct

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, effective May 2018, encourages industry segments to draw up codes of conduct to govern how relevant businesses could apply the regulation. Will a code of conduct emerge for travel?

IATA One Order 101: What It Is And What It Means For Travel Distribution

The International Air Transport Association's New Distribution Capability may appear to be the great disruptor sweeping through travel distribution, but arguably an even larger revolution is following. IATA's One Order initiative aims to digitize order management in the same way NDC has digitized offer management.

Consolidation Drives Latest Wave Of Agency Declines

The number of ARC-accredited travel agencies fell nearly 4 percent from 7,162 in February 2016 to 6,905 last month, according to ARC data.

American Leads The Charge As EMDs Settled Through ARC Soar

Electronic Miscellaneous Documents settled through ARC rose to 236,059 last year from 54,442 in 2014, once again setting an annual record. American Airlines is a staking a claim in the majority of those.

Open Axis Paper Frames New Distribution Options

Priceline is using a third-party aggregator to facilitate its participation in American Airlines' Direct Connect program, according to a new white paper published by the Open Axis Group.

Progress On EMD Adoption Does Not Extend To The United States

The International Air Transport Association is making progress toward its goal to implement the Electronic Miscellaneous Document standard and phase out prior accounting methods.

ARC Updates Agency Agreement

The Airlines Reporting Corporation is cutting its Agency Reporting Agreement to 21 pages from 55 by streamlining legalese and removing requirements from the paper ticket era that no longer fly. As part of its previously announced modernization, ARC also is shortening by five days the time allowed for cash remittance and creating a new Associate Branch Location type that legitimizes, at least from ARC's point of view, partial location ownership.

Egencia At Age 10 Claims 10,000 Clients