Tom Ruesink, Ruesink Consulting Group

This post is part of the 2013 Keynote Vote for The Beat Live 2013, in Miami Sept. 30-Oct. 2.

What will you speak about?

"Open Booking: Inevitable, Optimal or Abysmal?" I won't give away the ending, but we'll take an honest and thoughtful look at how this movement could positively and negatively affect leverage, behavior, policy, normalization and traveler empowerment.

Why should the audience listen?

I keep getting asked to speak at regional business travel associations despite having presentation slides that include pictures of Steve Perry (Journey), Ginger from Gilligan's Island and a screenshot that vaguely represents a Cialis commercial. I keep it fun, but thought-provoking.

Open booking has a lot of noise surrounding it and it's time to dive into some of the key questions in a way that yields an output which can be used internally to frame up meaningful dialogue:

What might a corporation lose/gain in terms of the context of the booking (hierarchy, comparison fares, etc.)?

How much is vaporware?

Is it optimal, inevitable or neither?

Play it out: How might a corporation's leverage be affected?

What does empowering travelers truly mean?

Vendors are wooing corporate travelers directly. What are the rules of engagement going forward?

How will you avoid a sales pitch?

I have nothing to sell.

What insight do you want The Beat readers to share in advance, to help you prepare for your presentation?

I want to know their top three questions in terms of open booking. If anyone can get Morgan Freeman to deliver my speech for me, I'd step aside!

Tom Ruesink is president of Ruesink Consulting Group