Reggie Aggarwal, Cvent

This post is part of the 2014 Keynote Vote for The Beat Live 2014, in New Orleans Oct. 6-Oct. 8.

What will you speak about?

As a successful entrepreneur I will shed some light on the difficult lessons and best practices I've learned during my career, explore the significant role technology has to play in the advancement of meetings and events and share my perspectives on the future of this industry.

Why should the audience listen?

Cvent's growth has been largely fueled by an entrepreneurial attitude and start-up mentality. However, it wasn't easy. Our company went through many ups and downs before we got to where we are today__a company with 12,500 clients, 1,450 employees and a market cap of $1+B. During our hardship we had to rebuild the company and decided to go back to basics:

1. Hire great people. Your employees make the DNA of your company.

2. Make the best product.

3. Servicing your customers.

Whether you are launching a business from the ground-up or looking to take your professional career to the next level, adopting an entrepreneurial spirit is key.

How will you avoid a sales pitch?

The time I have in front of the The Beat Live audience is incredibly valuable to me. I want attendees to be able to take away something from my Cvent story and apply it to their own careers and organizations. Being able to help influence or guide another entrepreneur is much more rewarding doing than a sales pitch.

What insight do you want The Beat readers to share in advance, to help you prepare for your presentation?

I would like to find out their top three questions and top three struggles around entrepreneurship.

Reggie Aggarwal is co-founder and CEO of Cvent.