Glenn Hollister, ZS Associates

This post is part of the 2014 Keynote Vote for The Beat Live 2014, in New Orleans Oct. 6-Oct. 8.

What will you speak about?

"Who Actually Wants Managed Travel 2.0?" Over the past couple of years there has been a lot of discussion, hype and argument about open booking and Managed Travel 2.0. Unfortunately, most of the discussion has been based on opinions and solitary case studies. The question remains: is there real demand for this new way of managing travel or not?

To answer the question, my team and I undertook a survey of more than 200 U.S. based travel buyers. The survey sought to understand company and travel program objectives, and whether those objectives align with the promised benefits of Managed Travel 2.0. We now have the survey results and we can answer the question about who should consider a change, and who should stick with what they have.

Why should the audience listen?

My session will be based on information direct from travel buyers, not opinions, theories or marketing messages. Both buyers and suppliers will gain a better understanding whether they should seriously investigate Managed Travel 2.0.

Don't worry about being buried in numbers and statistics! I have spoken to a range of audiences on similar topics, so I know to keep the discussion lively and engaging. I will use real stories and examples to share the results, not piles of charts.

How will you avoid a sales pitch?

I have nothing to sell.

What insight do you want The Beat readers to share in advance to help you prepare for your presentation?

I would love to hear the top questions and concerns from readers themselves or from others in their organization about Managed Travel 2.0 and open booking.

Glenn Hollister is principal and practice leader for travel and transportation at ZS Associates.