Dan Ruch, Rocketrip

This post is part of the 2014 Keynote Vote for The Beat Live 2014, in New Orleans Oct. 6-Oct. 8.

What will you speak about?

Driving Compliance Through Tangible Rewards Results in Out of the Box Savings

The trend in gamification is much debated amongst the pages of BTN reporters and readers. I think business travel managers are focusing on the wrong triggers. Let's stop hovering a stick over our employees. When provided the right motivation in the form of a tangible benefit, employees will willingly and enthusiastically exhibit compliant behavior. 

Why should the audience listen?

Compelling case studies representing a fundamental shift in employee behavior. Example statistics include:

• Increase in flights booked at the lowest fare

• Increase in flights booked 21+ days in advance

• Decrease in flights booked under 7 days in advance

• Dollars saved when booking the preferred hotel through the open market

Unanticipated money-saving scenarios:

• $$ saved when booking accommodations through Airbnb

• $$ saved when using personal miles to pay for flights

• $$ saved when purchasing bundled air/car/hotel packages

• $$ saved when staying with a friend

• $$ saved when choosing a train instead of a plane


• Survey data providing insight into employee satisfaction

• Video interviews with employees and travel managers

 How will you avoid a sales pitch?

The presentation is focused on statistics and behavior shifts, not the Rocketrip platform. 

What insight do you want The Beat readers to share in advance to help you prepare for your presentation?

The Beat readers can share their own studies and data, as well as recommend survey questions. 

Dan Ruch is founder and CEO of Rocketrip