Jim Davidson, Farelogix

This post is part of the 2012 Keynote Vote for The Beat Live 2012, in Nashville Sept. 10-12.

What will you speak about?

"How to get $20 of value from a $2 transaction." It's been four years since the $2 transaction became a reality. Some resisted the concept, others embraced it, technology evolved, and we now sit facing a new and even more challenging question: how can TMC's realize the full value from that $2 transaction?

Why should the audience listen?

The audience will be dazzled and amazed when they learn how a $2 transaction can yield $20 or more of value. No magic or black arts will be practiced during this presentation, but to achieve the full value of the $2 transaction the audience must listen intently for the subtle, ever present tide changing concepts flowing throughout the content-rich multi-media production. Topics surrounding the TMC ecosystem, airline merchandising, and customer expectation during the shop, buy, and go experience, as well as the mobile craze will be addressed with a flair never experienced by a Beat audience.

How will you avoid a sales pitch?

A sales pitch of any type will be avoided at all cost because the presenter long ago forgot what he was actually selling. However, prickly and poignant points will be offered up that may stir the desires, fears, and emotions of many. Those with weak hearts or closed minds should avoid this presentation at all costs.

What insight do you want The Beat readers to share in advance, to help you prepare for your presentation?

The audience should eat a light meal high in carbohydrates and saturated fats the night before this presentation. All shoes will be checked at the door. Some audience participation will be required so you must be taller than 45 inches to attend.

Jim Davidson is president and CEO of Farelogix.