Michelle Holmes, Travel & Transport

This post is part of the 2012 Keynote Vote for The Beat Live 2012, in Nashville Sept. 10-12.

What will you speak about?

"Gamification vs. Shamification"

Why should the audience listen?

There is a new twist in the game but everyone has the same goal. Today's travel environment is all about the traveler. What is in it for me? What are you going to give me? Hitting people with the stick is not working. You must dangle the carrot on the stick to grab their attention. Travelers are now conceptual and many are point junkies. Learn how you can cross-utilize points by satisfying your travelers while saving money to your bottom line. Since Travel and Transport has an in-house loyalty division we are well-versed on how loyalty programs fit into the corporate travel landscape. We currently have a gamification program in place that our clients are utilizing but it did not come without some trial and error.

How will you avoid a sales pitch?

Our keynote speech would be based on loyalty programs overall. This keynote would address awareness of loyalty programs and what to consider when setting up a program. We would also discuss the rise of gamification and how it can be incorporated into a travel management program. The time is now here to start a program. We will lead people through that process.

What insight do you want The Beat readers to share in advance, to help you prepare for your presentation?

Who knows what gamification is? How many people are currently utilizing a gamificaiton model or have done extensive research to start a program that works in conjunction with their travel management program? Do you think gamification will last?

Michelle Holmes is general manager at Travel & Transport.