The Beat Live Keynote Pitch: Ralph Kaiser, UATP

This post is part of the 2015 Keynote Vote for The Beat Live, in Arlington, Va., Sept. 29-Oct. 1.

Topic: The Evolution Of Alternative Payments

Accepting payments in the travel industry has become increasingly more expensive due to the rising costs of transaction fees and charges.

Companies are very aware of some of the costs accepted with payments, but many don't even know their rates or what the customer wants. Credit and debit cards currently reign as the online payment of choice, but this trend is quickly changing.

Preferred payment methods now vary greatly by country and region, which is why it is important for companies to realize that accepting alternative forms of payment can expand reach and generate incremental sales, particularly in international markets.

In this session, we will take a look at different factors that increase the cost of accepting payments and strategies to avoid these costs that can save money and increase revenue.

Find out about payment trends that have been proven to succeed and how partnering with alternative payment methods can help cut payment acceptance costs.

Ralph Kaiser is UATP president and CEO.