A Standing O

"Rearden Aims to Limit Choice." Whoa. When I read that Beat headline, it sounded like a bad thing. Don't take away my choice! But it’s kind of like saying Amazon limits choice because it offers me recommendations when I log in. This "limited choice" is actually just personalization, which I think is a very good thing! [more]

The only shock is that it's taken the travel industry so long to come around. What Rearden has done is innovative and efficient. If I only stay at hotels with swimming pools, this tool will only return hotels with pools in the search results. No need to return results of hotels I’ll never stay at!

The amount of time saved is beneficial enough, but then add on the level of personalization provided and Rearden is really on to something.

So technically, yes, it limits the total number of choices, but the choices it's eliminating are ones I don’t want anyway because this tool knows what I like! Relevant search ... Brilliant!

This post is republished with permission from the Farelogix 'Ask The Question' blog.