AA 'Confident' That New Surcharges Do Not Violate IATA BSP Rules

An American Airlines spokesperson indicated the company is "confident" it can charge travel agencies a "booking source premium in accordance with the terms of IATA Resolution 850m" using agency debit memos, after several travel agency groups questioned whether the fee plan--for certain non-U.S. bookings through Travelport--runs afoul of International Air Transport Association Billing Settlement Plan rules.  [more]
AA last week told agents it would charge the new fees, which vary by market, after it said Travelport on Dec. 20 would "dramatically" increase booking fees to the airline "in many international points of sale." A Travelport official indicated that "Travelport's actions are in response to AA's, and to protect the best interests of our customers." AA had previously revealed that on Dec. 1 it would stop Orbitz, a key Travelport user, from issuing AA tickets. That plan is on hold pending court hearings.