AA To Change Out Engine Mid-flight

Ed Silver, partner at Hudson Crossing here. While Tom is on vacation drinking Ouzo in Greece, I've taken the liberty of stealing the keys to the blog. Please don't tell Tom when he gets back. As reported in The Beat, AMR Corp. has signed a letter of intent with HP's EDS division to implement a new platform for "reservations, pricing and ticketing, inventory, flight information and check-in."  [more]AA will be migrating away from the system it first helped create along with IBM five decades ago. Hudson Crossing will be pondering the impact of this news for a while, but an airline moving platforms is like brain surgery on the wing of a 747 in a thunderstorm trying to land at LGA! It is no easy task and AMR is to be applauded for this forward thinking change. More to come soon on the reasons behind this, and what we think it means for customers of AA.

These insights are excerpted with permission from Tom Botts' Hudson Crossing blog.