Agencies Take Action Against UAL - Here's A Plan That Will Work

No one can wait or depend on the success of the suggested ASTA government effort. Some significant groupings of large corporate travel agencies are considering what action they might take individually. Here's a fully manageable plan which can work. The following plan (if taken by enough agencies) will send a clear and costly message to UAL over the next weeks ...

While the current "test" merchant program (or any similar form) exists:

1. Each agency offers UAL an immediate reduction in UAL ticket transactions starting with no less then 10 percent on day #1. This is very easily managed percentage--even for the largest aligned corporate travel agencies within key UAL markets. Ticketing can either be delayed or traffic sent to alternative carriers--who are awaiting the reaction.

2. This reduction is increased 1 percent each day.

UAL will begin to notice this reduction in no more then two weeks. (24 percent fewer ticketing events. Less revenue and passengers.)

This will send a clear message to UAL thru reduced cash flow (at a very difficult time for UAL) and reveal an effective resolve by the business travel community on behalf of their corporate clients. Keep in mind that corporate clients spend more for UAL's capacity.

More agencies participating in this program will result in a quicker change of UAL’s mind.

The point is--this needs to be announced and action taken.

Most corporate agencies should have no problem with these numbers and their clients will "bless" this action in an effort to prevent an increase in corporate travel expenses of 15 percent per annum if this doesn’t stop UAL's industry "turbulence."

Show your support by comment and action ...

"The Shadow Knows!"