AirTran Not Keen On EMDs

Some airlines have said they support use of ARC's electronic miscellaneous document as a means to better equip themselves to sell and account for ancillary revenue items, while others haven't publicly said a thing about it. AirTran is one exception. It's not interested.
When asked this week at the Phoenix Aviation Symposium about selling ancillary services through travel agents, Kevin Healy, the carrier's senior vice president of marketing and planning, said, "With where the technology is, we can do it better ourselves."

"When you talk about EMDs and standards, it moves us to something we don't want to do," Healy continued. AirTran, he said, limited its GDS participation a few years ago "because of the frustration of doing business in a way in which we did not want to do business. There are standards that don't make sense for us."