Aviation's Silver Bullet?

Biofuels are all the rage now. Earlier this month at the Berlin Airshow EADS demonstrated its ability to fly a small plane using 100% biofuel based on algae. But there are numerous solutions; Jatropha, Carmelina and even wood chips.
Jean Botti, EADS Chief Technical Officer, explains why he favors the algae solution. It absorbs CO2 in its process of creation a biofuel, so it offers the possibility of creating a fuel with the simultaneous benefit of reducing carbon. Moreover algae based biofuels has no sulfur and offers an additional benefit of having much lower NOx.

As Mr Botti explains, its early days, but biofuels certainly offer the potential of being the silver bullet the airlines need to reduce their dependence on oil based fuels.

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This post is syndicated with permission from Addison Schonland's IAGblog Podcasts site.