BTN Welcomes JoAnn DeLuna To Cover Payment And Expense

I'd like to share some personnel news for The BTN Group. In March, JoAnn DeLuna joined us as an associate editor covering payment and expense. On that beat, JoAnn will attempt to fill the big shoes of BTN veteran Mary Ann McNulty, who was appointed to run The BTN Group's content solutions division.

JoAnn is a budding business reporter who has worked for Airfinance Journal, among other publications, and has traveled to 14 countries and lived in five.

JoAnn's first BTN articles are here and here.

Below is an updated list of our fine editorial staff, including topic areas we focus on as writers.

And as always, thank you, our readers, for your interest.

~ Jay Campbell, Editorial Director

Chris Davis, Executive Managing Editor, Meetings

David Jonas, Executive Editor, Breaking News & Research

Jay Boehmer, Senior Editor, Transportation

Michael Baker, Senior Editor, Lodging

Holly Leber, Senior Editor, Government

JoAnn DeLuna, Associate Editor, Payment & Expense

Jonathan Chan, Art Director

Amon Cohen, Contributing Editor

Jay Campbell, Editorial Director, Distribution & Technology