Bob Coggin To Retire

After more than 50 years in the airline and travel industries, Travelport GDS vice chairman Robert Coggin will retire in August. [more]
Coggin joined Travelport in 2007 after 42 years with Delta Air Lines and was closely involved with many industry changes--most infamously, agency commission cuts in 1995. Coggin also helped create Worldspan, shape the development of online travel and build Delta’s international route network.
"There are very few people who have not only experienced the changes seen in the airline industry in the past 50 years but have also been instrumental in creating a number of them as Bob Coggin," Travelport president and CEO Gordon Wilson commented. Indeed.
According to a Travelport statement, "Bob's last official engagement for Travelport will be in August 2011, at the Global Business Travel Association convention." We'll be sure to interview the industry icon right after that. Congrats Bob!