Feds Seek Hotel Tips From Tweeps

Building its hotel program portfolio the new-fashioned way(?), program leaders for the U.S. General Services Administration's FedRooms are using Twitter to ask followers which properties they would like included in the program.
Followers and others can nominate hotels on a FedRooms Web site and within 48 business hours, FedRooms will request a bid from the hotel property, according to FedRooms director Tracy Shook. Every day the program receives multiple nominations and in some cases, travelers are sending in "mass lists" of hotels surrounding training sites, she said.

For many years government business was least desired, but that has changed since average daily rates in many cases have dipped lower than government per diems. The GSA's FedRooms program has garnered over 14,000 bids for 2010 and of those, 4,000 were new entries, according to Shook.